Society News

March 9, 2021

Election of Directors

Posted by: Webmaster

As we enter this new year we are preparing for our next SPNGHS election. In 2021 we will have three Board of Director positions open to members who may wish to fill one of these positions. Our Society is governed by six Director who oversee the daily activities of the Society, as well as the duties of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

All Directors of the Society are voted in by the membership and serve a two-year term, and have voting rights regarding issues of the Society. Some other duties of a Director are to further the goals and future of the Society, to develop and institute educational programs that promote the railroads of our interest, open up communications with other persons and organizations with interests compatible with ours. Directors also update our BYLAWS and other rules of the organization, participate in our annual history conference, assist with the publication the Journal, and attend to other matters relating to the future of our Society, and history and preservation of the railroads of our interest.

You do not need to be a California resident to be on the Board, and as well, you do not even have to be a resident of the United States. Because our Board of Directors and Officers are dispersed over many areas, our main way of communication is through the internet, and through an in-person
Board meeting during our annual conference. In the next issue of the Journal we explain in more detail how you can have your name, or other
person’s names, placed on the ballot for a Director position. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding the election process or the duties of a Director of our Society please feel free contact us.